Private Lessons

The LISD Orchestra Directors would like to encourage all orchestra students to explore taking private lessons.  Below is a list of private instructors who we know personally, however, you may take  lessons with anyone whom you feel comfortable with.  There are numerous lesson teachers in the area, Dallas strings has a number available as well.

Larry Lattanzi – Violin and Viola *
Phone 214-868-6925

Stephen Beall – Violin and Viola *
Phone 304-376-9077

John Ra – Violin
Phone: 214-476-6818

Samuel Kuang – Viola ^
Phone:  972-467-7613

Beth Romig – Viola
Phone: 940-206-7155

Philip Taggart – Cello *
Phone: 214-418-1278

Weston Hall – Cello ^
Phone:  214-803-7991

Euny Ra – Cello
Phone: 214-476-6818

Trey Anderson – Bass *
Phone:  214-532-4969

Sean M. Casey – Bass
Phone:  281-935-1256

* – Teachers who come to LISD schools and teach privately during class.  Their availability is limited so if you are interested please contact them ASAP.

^ – Teachers who live in Lovejoy who teach out of their home or will come to your home.