About Us



The Lovejoy ISD Orchestra program was introduced in the fall of 2007 with the urging and support of Superintendent Ted Moore. Over the next two years the program experienced modest growth.

In the fall of 2009 Joey Sloan was hired to take over as Director of Orchestras.  The program was relatively small having around 60 students in grades 6 through 12. This was the first year that both the Sloan Creek Middle School and Lovejoy High School would qualify to take varsity orchestras to the UIL contest. That year Mr. Sloan helped the High School Orchestra earn its first Superior Rating in UIL Concert performance.

In 2010 the program experienced enough growth to hire another teacher on a part time basis.  Amy Gearhart joined the program and taught two beginner classes for the next 2 years.  The program at this point had approximately 110 students.  The Middle School and High School orchestras both received Excellent Ratings at UIL contest.

In 2012 with continued high retention and successful recruiting, Mrs. Gearhart was moved to a half time position and began assisting Mr. Sloan with the more advanced middle school students.  There were now about 150 students participating in orchestra.  The varsity orchestras at both Sloan Creek and Lovejoy High School achieved Sweepstakes awards at UIL for the very first time this year.  The High School was also recognized for its outstanding performance at the Branson “On Stage Live” performance during the groups spring trip.

With the highest recruiting class yet the program now had 240 students in 2013 and two full time directors.  Another School was opened, Willow Springs Middle School wherein Mrs. Gearhart began teaching the varsity group with the assistance of Mr. Sloan. The success continued with The LHS Orchestra


To provide students with life changing experiences; musically, educationally and socially, which will inspire each individual to become better human beings who strive for excellence in all things.


To provide a positive and nurturing environment where all students can develop musical and technical skills, examine historical and current musical styles and practices, work effectively with peers and develop a positive self-image through participation in musical rehearsals and performances.